The Hamilton show is one of the most popular shows on Broadway. It is usually sold out, and you can hardly find its tickets anywhere despite of their high price. The show is so popular that it is even available in the recorded version for its fans to see. You can get access to the digital version for free on YouTube, or for a small fee on platforms like Amazon prime, Disney+, Spotify and others.

However, the digital version is nothing like the physical Hamilton show played on the Broadway. So, here are a few of the strongest reasons why you should see the musical Hamilton in New York.

There’s a Lot to Learn

Although only a few of us love our history classes, you will definitely love to watch Hamilton. The show beautifully re-creates a vital part of the American history by depicting the life of Alexander Hamilton, one of the founding fathers of America. Moreover, the show includes other important figures from the American history as well.

A beautiful difference between a history class and the Hamilton musical is that the actors actually sing the whole shoe in the form of rap.

So, you will surely learn a lot from your Hamilton experience.

It Talks About The Current American Society As Well

Even though the true story of Alexander Hamilton happened centuries ago, the show still resonates with the problems in the American society. For example, the show talks about immigrants, and the problems they have to go through against the privileged people in America.

So, in addition to the American past, the show can also provide you with great knowledge about the current societal problems of the US.

Moreover, all of these things are beautifully orchestrated with the help of music and rap.