Drill bits are primarily used for creating holes in materials. For buying the right type of drill bit for your task you need to consider some important things like the material surface you need to penetrate, how deep to drill, and the number of holes that need to create. You must use the right drill bit for your project. A wrong drill bit, however, can lead to damage to your drill and possibly to the surface you aim to drill. Drill bits are available in many varieties for different materials. If you want to drill concrete, you need a masonry drill bit, which has to be tougher than it needs to be sharp. For drilling softwood, sharpness is more important than toughness. A masonry drill can cause fires due to the duller cutting edge breaking up stone and concrete surfaces so well. This friction will smolder and combust wood if drilled with such a drill.

Metal-penetrating drill bits are a different type than those designed for wood or plastic. A metal drill bit must also be sharp like a wood bit, however, it must be made from a harder material than a wood bit.

Most wood bits are golden in color, which helps them to identify easier. Most metal bits are made of HSS and are a dark bluish, gunmetal grey color with titanium or cobalt content. Masonry bits often have a bright silver finish. However, it is not always possible to choose the correct one that is why it is crucial to consult the manufacturer or supplier’s specification. A wooden drill bit head can also be flat, like a chisel, giving it a fine, sharp point, unlike the metal and masonry bits. It also can make bigger holes by its round and tubular style of bit.

In this way, you have to choose the correct drill bit for the surface and can create a hole that matches your needs. You have to read more on drilling-it. Make sure you never use the wrong bit for the job.