Factions in Minecraft have emerged as the most popular multiplayer mode of the game since it began. For different gameplays, faction servers too differ. Nonetheless, it is based on the general premise that players need to progenerate within a huge PvP-enabled space where gamesters can create their groups, commonly known as factions. Several faction servers are available in the game which allows players to use TNT canons for launching a raid and plunder bases, that our possessions of other factions to become affluent themselves.

Here is a list of the Best Faction Servers Minecraft we have curated for you!

  • MassiveCraft Factions-IP: MassiveCraft offers top-notch quality in faction mode and exhibits features like bosses, custom mobs, questlines, custom items. The developers and pioneers of the Minecraft factions plugin supervise and administer MassiveCraft. Its average player count stands at 150 plus.MOX MC-IP: MOXMC.NET: Ingrained in the robust and fierce PvP culture, this server enables players to enter into action mode by typing ‘/kitpvp’. Furthermore, MOX MC has a custom auction house setup that allows players to auction their valuable objects to the server or to bid on those that have been listed by other gamers. Its average player count is more than a thousand. 

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  • Archon-IP: archonhq.net: The biggest existing server faction in Minecraft, which delivers real cash to the best-performing factions. Its average play count is 1500 plus.

These are some of the best faction servers you can try out for yourself. Unleash your adventure and fun!