The MOT tests are an important part of the car ownership. This test can save your life; it is an important test that will check your car is safe to run on the road. Besides a mechanic will check your vehicle exhaust emissions generated are not over excessive & reducing effect that it has on our environment.

The MOT tests have to be done every year and must be done to make sure that vehicle meets right safety guidelines and ensure that vehicle is roadworthy. It’s one kind of legal requirement of having the current MOT test done so that you can drive your vehicle safely on the road. Before you go ahead, you need to check for check for mot cancellations ni: Suppose you have recently bought new vehicle then it will not need the MOT test done, but in case it is 3 years older then you need to take your vehicle to get the MOT test done.

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What Does This Test Cover?

Even though most of the people know that they want to complete the MOT test, many people do not understand what’s involved, hence given below are some items that will be checked during your MOT test.

  • Lighting & Signalling
  • Vehicle steering & suspension
  • Wipers
  • Brakes
  • Tyres & Wheels
  • Windscreen
  • Car Seat Belts
  • Car Body
  • Exhaust System & Fuel Emissions
  • Drivers Views

The MOT checks are an important component, which will not just keep you but also people driving outside safe, whereas maintaining your cars functionality.

Faults Than Can Fail the MOT Test

It is quite common to ignore small problems that happen on your vehicle. But, things that might appear minor will cause you fail the MOT test. For instance, if the door handle of your car is broken on inside, it is comes in instant fail –and if the washer does not spray efficiently. You should use the approved MOT centre